Films shown at our Film Club, when & by whom


Image: 2017-02/locke.jpg

If you simply describe the scenery and subject matter it seems impossible this could be such compelling, amazingly gripping viewing. We spend 84 …

Oct 2015 AB

Slow West

Image: 2017-02/slowwest.jpg

A "Western" with more realism than the genre is known for. Life is brutal and honest in the authentically slow-paced and unforgiving country. Plenty …

Jan 2017 AB


Image: 2017-02/deliverance-2.jpg

Still a great tale. With banjos!

Jan 2017 TS


Image: 2017-02/img-20170208-wa0000.jpg

Life, death & bureaucracy. Very poignant.

Feb 2017 RB