Films shown at our Film Club, when & by whom


Image: 2017-02/control.jpg

The life and death of Ian Curtis, singer and songwriter of Joy Division.

Jun 2013 AJ

Mary & Max

An odd child in Australia somehow pairs up with a really odd man in New York as a pen friend. Many perplexing aspects of life are explained through …

Jul 2013 JC


Image: 2017-02/radio.jpg

I think this was a first — Ian managed to choose a film no-one else had heard of! Panned by critics, but we all enjoyed it. What do they know?

Aug 2013 IC

Brick Lane

Image: 2017-02/Brick-Lane-11.jpg

The story of a woman who lives in her memories of a lost childhood and eventually realises that real life is passing her by. After 16 years in an …

Oct 2013 TS


Image: 2017-02/Dracula_1958.jpg

The original Hammer production — low budget but a real, twisty plot and far less "cheese" than most later vampire movies. Classic quote — "Drink …

Oct 2013 RB

Knock on Any Door

Image: 2017-02/knock-on-any-door.jpg

This is the film chosen by Les Hall to show at our inaugural event at Glyde House in November. He gave a great introduction, thanks Les, and yes this …

Nov 2013 LH