Films shown at our Film Club, when & by whom


Image: 2018-05/1lrg78-kes-1600x900-c-default.jpg

Those were the days …

May 2018 AJ

Dead Ringers

Image: 2018-05/images.jpg

It will make you wince. Brilliant acting from Jeremy Irons. "Like slowing down to look at a traffic accident, afraid you might see something."   …

May 2018 RB


Image: 2018-04/mudbound.jpg

Really well produced story of racial tension which has an almost happy ending.

Apr 2018 TS

A Scanner Darkly

Image: 2018-04/img-20180405-110133.jpg

The use of animating, frame by frame, the whole live-action film really helps to impart a disturbing sense of druggy dystopia.

Apr 2018 AB

Gran Torino

Image: 2018-03/grantorino3456.jpg

Clint at his grumpiest. But he really is all heart in the end.

Mar 2018 TF

Black Swan

Image: 2018-03/black-swan.jpg

Paying the price for artisitic perfection.

Mar 2018 HW

Baby Driver

Image: 2018-02/screen-shot-2017-07-05-at-11-45-15-am.png

Nifty motorised choreography.

Feb 2018 LB


Image: 2018-01/goldfinger.jpg

Everyone's favourite Bond film.

Jan 2018 CW

Eye In The Sky

Image: 2018-02/barkhad-abdi.jpg

Geography, morality, politics, technology … all in the balance and everything outweighing everything.

Jan 2018 IC

Die Hard

Image: 2017-12/images.jpg

The ultimate Christmas film.

Dec 2017 ZS

Do the Right Thing

Image: 2017-11/dotherightthing.jpg

What a great film; so much energy. I can't believe I've not seen it before but really glad I have now. In fact I want to see it again already. 

Nov 2017 AJ

Murder at the Gallop

Image: 2017-11/1510044356_margaretrutherford.jpg

One of four "Miss Marple" films starring Margaret Rutherford who is absolutely brilliant fun. More recent Marple efforts pale in comparison. …

Nov 2017 JC

Cop Car

Image: 2017-08/copcar.jpg

It's a good story, but even better acting especially from the two boys. And Kevin Bacon is pleasingly unpleasant. On this watching, I also …

Aug 2017 AB

Black Narcissus

Image: 2017-07/1501431412_images.jpg

Emotions run riot in a remote convent. Classic! Not only that, but those who made it — not me :-( — were also treated to a Tom & Jerry …

Jul 2017 PJ

Little Voice

Image: 2017-07/images.jpg

Hilarious performances from several British stars not often seen together. And a most splendid showcase of Jane Horrocks' talents, although that …

Jul 2017 TF

Our Little Sister

Image: 2017-06/images.jpg

A story with no downsides, no negative emotions, no unpleasant characters; where everyone likes each other and nothing bad happens. In fact nothing …

Jun 2017 HW

Paris, Texas

Image: 2017-06/travis-paris-texas-1984-.jpg

It's not the only story about a separated couple, the pain of the fallout around them and their eventual meeting and reconciliation. But the final …

Jun 2017 US

Romeo & Juliet

Image: 2017-06/1498652826_rnj.jpg

The classic story of Romeo and Juliet, set in a modern-day city of Verona Beach. 

Jun 2017 LB


Image: 2017-05/tyrannosaur.jpg

Two people most unlikely to ever make a connection end up consoling and saving each other. Typically ace Considine grittiness.

Apr 2017 JC

Carry on Screamimg

Image: 2017-04/ff4.png

I can hardly believe I laughed out loud several times. Surely it's not funny anymore?

Apr 2017 ZS

I, Daniel Blake

Image: 2017-03/i-daniel-blake-film-still.jpg

Dismal, hard-hitting grit from Ken Loach. We love it.

Mar 2017 AJ


Image: 2017-02/spotlight-movie.jpg

The true story of how the Boston Globe (Spotlight team) exposed systematic child abuse in the catholic church. Largely shot in closeup scenes in …

Feb 2017 SC

Key Largo

Image: 2017-02/KeyLargo.jpg

Director: John Huston., Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, Lauren Bacall. This is the film that started us off - the first film we …

Jan 2012 PJ

Black Cat, White Cat

Image: 2017-02/blackwhite.jpg

Director: Emir Kusturica., Starring: Bajram Severdzan, Srdjan Todorovic, Branka Katic.

Feb 2012 AB


Image: 2017-02/malena.jpg

Director: Giuseppe Tornatore, Starring: Monica Bellucci, Giuseppe Sulfaro, Luciano Federico.

Feb 2012 TS