Films shown at our Film Club, when & by whom

The Petrified Forest

Image: 2019-10/screen-shot-2019-09-22-at-9.31.41-pm.png

Heroic early days for Leslie Howard, Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart.

Oct 2019 RB

The Triplets of Belleville

Image: 2019-10/tumblr-mu2czqgq2v1rq4y4lo8-500.jpg

A film about growing pains, cycling, kidnap by mafia, swing-jazz, eating frogs, a crazy, indestructible dog. It's got it all and more besides. …

Aug 2019 AB

I Am Mother

Image: 2019-08/screenshot-2019-08-01-at-10.37.52.jpg

Stylish sci-fi suspense where all is not as it seems. You may need to see it again to get all the details! 13,867 days is how many years?

Jul 2019 IC

Wings of Desire

Image: 2019-07/wings-of-desire-4.jpg

A poem espousing the beauty of being alive. Possibly le Plus Profound Pelicula Ever. In several languages.

Jul 2019 JC

Bird Box

Image: 2019-05/bb.jpg

Scary stuff that critics panned.

May 2019 CW


Image: 2019-04/1556227009_kontroll.2003.720p.retail.bluray.hun.dts.x264-dvb-crew-english-subtitle-added-.mkv-snapshot-00.02.10-2012.02.02-22.57.54-.jpg

Award-winning, Hungarian mind-bender.

Apr 2019 AB


Image: 2019-03/et-the-extra-terrestrial-12.png

Ludicrously cute!

Mar 2019 LB

The Invisible Guest

Image: 2019-03/contratiempo.jpg

Lies and more lies. No, that's not true. How about… well you never know. Or do you? Such a brilliantly convoluted story.

Feb 2019 IC


Image: 2019-03/2012-amour-05.jpg

The ultimate love story.

Jan 2019 JC


Image: 2019-01/img-20190116-211817.jpg

Silly and a lot of fun. At the time, of course, it was fairly groundbreaking and has been hugely influential.

Jan 2019 CW


Image: 2018-11/sidewayssaab10.jpg

A decidedly mature road trip comedy full of excellent performances.  A 2009 study by Sonoma State University found that Sideways slowed the …

Nov 2018 AJ

Kinky Boots

Image: 2018-11/p01gqbhr.jpg

In these shoes? I doubt you'd survive.

Nov 2018 SC


Image: 2018-11/halloween-1978.jpg

Arrrrgh! The Bogieman is real!

Oct 2018 RB

The Swimmer

Image: 2018-10/swimmer.jpg

Burt Lancaster's finest performance. On an idyllic afternoon in a wealthy suburb in Connecticut, Ned has the marvellous idea of swimming his way …

Oct 2018 AB

Reservoir Dogs

Image: 2018-09/2017-resevoirdogs-press-191017-920x584.jpg

A warehouse full of blood and swearing. Ideal Wednesday entertainment that we all love.

Sep 2018 TF

Men of Honour

Image: 2018-07/2018-07-25-21.08.22.jpg

Hold your breath! True story of a navy diver's battle against institutional racism.

Jul 2018 IC

A Prairie Home Companion

Image: 2018-06/img-20180615-164320.jpg

The sweet and not-quite-sad last episode of a long-running radio show. The sweet and not-quite-sad last film from Robert Altman.

Jun 2018 JC


Image: 2018-06/lion.jpg

Excellent — everyone was in tears at the (almost) happy ending.

May 2018 SC