Films shown at our Film Club, when & by whom

Wings of Desire

Image: 2019-07/wings-of-desire-4.jpg

A poem espousing the beauty of being alive. Possibly le Plus Profound Pelicula Ever. In several languages.

Jul 2019 JC

Bird Box

Image: 2019-05/bb.jpg

Scary stuff that critics panned.

May 2019 CW


Image: 2019-04/1556227009_kontroll.2003.720p.retail.bluray.hun.dts.x264-dvb-crew-english-subtitle-added-.mkv-snapshot-00.02.10-2012.02.02-22.57.54-.jpg

Award-winning, Hungarian mind-bender.

Apr 2019 AB


Image: 2019-03/et-the-extra-terrestrial-12.png

Ludicrously cute!

Mar 2019 LB

The Invisible Guest

Image: 2019-03/contratiempo.jpg

Lies and more lies. No, that's not true. How about… well you never know. Or do you? Such a brilliantly convoluted story.

Feb 2019 IC


Image: 2019-03/2012-amour-05.jpg

The ultimate love story.

Jan 2019 JC


Image: 2019-01/img-20190116-211817.jpg

Silly and a lot of fun. At the time, of course, it was fairly groundbreaking and has been hugely influential.

Jan 2019 CW


Image: 2018-11/sidewayssaab10.jpg

A decidedly mature road trip comedy full of excellent performances.  A 2009 study by Sonoma State University found that Sideways slowed the …

Nov 2018 AJ

Kinky Boots

Image: 2018-11/p01gqbhr.jpg

In these shoes? I doubt you'd survive.

Nov 2018 SC


Image: 2018-11/halloween-1978.jpg

Arrrrgh! The Bogieman is real!

Oct 2018 RB

The Swimmer

Image: 2018-10/swimmer.jpg

Burt Lancaster's finest performance. On an idyllic afternoon in a wealthy suburb in Connecticut, Ned has the marvellous idea of swimming his way …

Oct 2018 AB

Reservoir Dogs

Image: 2018-09/2017-resevoirdogs-press-191017-920x584.jpg

A warehouse full of blood and swearing. Ideal Wednesday entertainment that we all love.

Sep 2018 TF

Men of Honour

Image: 2018-07/2018-07-25-21.08.22.jpg

Hold your breath! True story of a navy diver's battle against institutional racism.

Jul 2018 IC

A Prairie Home Companion

Image: 2018-06/img-20180615-164320.jpg

The sweet and not-quite-sad last episode of a long-running radio show. The sweet and not-quite-sad last film from Robert Altman.

Jun 2018 JC


Image: 2018-06/lion.jpg

Excellent — everyone was in tears at the (almost) happy ending.

May 2018 SC


Image: 2018-05/1lrg78-kes-1600x900-c-default.jpg

Those were the days …

May 2018 AJ

Dead Ringers

Image: 2018-05/images.jpg

It will make you wince. Brilliant acting from Jeremy Irons. "Like slowing down to look at a traffic accident, afraid you might see something."   …

May 2018 RB


Image: 2018-04/mudbound.jpg

Really well produced story of racial tension which has an almost happy ending.

Apr 2018 TS

A Scanner Darkly

Image: 2018-04/img-20180405-110133.jpg

The use of animating, frame by frame, the whole live-action film really helps to impart a disturbing sense of druggy dystopia.

Apr 2018 AB

Gran Torino

Image: 2018-03/grantorino3456.jpg

Clint at his grumpiest. But he really is all heart in the end.

Mar 2018 TF

Black Swan

Image: 2018-03/black-swan.jpg

Paying the price for artisitic perfection.

Mar 2018 HW