La Caza

Shown by AB on or about April 29th 2015

Image: 2017-08/3736664.jpg


Three veterans of the Spanish Civil War meet up for a rabbit hunt. They have the war as a common bond and they all pretend this unites them but it becomes clear that in fact they despise each other. There's a tension from the start which doesn't bode well, and though there is not that much actual violence (except for a few rabbits who were not acting) the underlying menace threatens throughout. It doesn't end well for anyone. 

When I first saw this (around 1992) half the audience had walked out of the cinema by half way. It took me a year to pluck up the courage to show this film to anyone; in the end, it was appreciated but not enjoyed — it's not meant to be.

• Directed by Carlos Saura in 1966.   More …

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