Knock on Any Door

Shown by LH on or about November 14th 2013

Image: 2017-02/knock-on-any-door.jpg

This is the film chosen by Les Hall to show at our inaugural event at Glyde House in November. He gave a great introduction, thanks Les, and yes this really is one of those films I would not have seen otherwise and now I'm glad did.
The court-room drama that brought John Derek to fame. Humphrey Bogart plays the lawyer with a shady past who takes on the impossible task of keeping a wayward youth from the electric chair. He convincingly proves that society is to blame; but society still want their scapegoat. Actually I would argue that he didn't do it but no-one seems to agree … I'll have to watch it again :-)
This is one of the earliest of several 50s films about the dissatisfaction and alienation of youth, a few years ahead of The Wild One or Rebel Without a Cause. John Derek was possibly even prettier than Marlon Brando or James Dean but missed out on the same kind of stardom.

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