Spelt or spelled?

Today I absentmindedly used both spellings in one sentence. I spelled spelt spelled and I spelt spelled spelt. I'm pretty sure either is correct but surely not both at once! I think my subconscious thought that there ought to be a difference between its use as past tense, past participle and adverb.

So I looked it up.

This is splet wrong.

Later, I realised there is also the case of smelled and smelt. Probably similar to above but this time I will resist the urge to look it up.

Even later: I found the words further and farther used on the same page of a book. I am amazed I have never noticed or thought anything about these words before. I think I presumed they are just different spellings/pronunciation of the same word; but they ain't!  Seeing them professionally used together made me realise there must be some difference. It seems that there are two senses of meaning, but on the whole, you can nowadays use further in either sense whereas farther is only supposed to be used for actual distance. I think I tend to use further fairly exclusively.

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