Predictive typing

I recently realised (after years!) that my phone not only suggests the next word but even the first word without me needing to prompt it by typing. So here are some almost randomly generated sentences.

We hope to move it when I'm pissed. I'm still thinking of showing up on Wednesday. Well caught. I had to have a clue what can be found later. See what the large mailing for us in the day so that my phone suggests the next word!

The train from Charlton but they stay out of the kettle. Hope you're having a lovely time in the day so that my phone suggests the next word. Got to make sure exactly what can be seen coming. My camera but no lights yet known about. My surgery pain is over. We are expecting some digging work tomorrow morning sometime. Hi Dave. Just a bit tender now on a couple of days then back at the foyer at the platform. See what can find any papers and rode my desk.

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