Chemo Half Way

I'm supposed to have 12 doses of chemotherapy at two-week intervals. When I went for my 6th sitting my blood test results showed I wasn't well enough (although I felt fine and had cycled to hospital, three miles up hill) so they postponed it for a week. For my next session I got another extra week off because now everything is a week later it interfered with a planned weekend away.

I have to say it's really good to have a longer break because symptoms are definitely getting worse.

I'm writing this while hanging around at hospital for more unscheduled blood testing and hoping this is not a sign of tedium to come more regularly.

My official blood test was yesterday but they only just managed to coax a bit of blood out of my PICC line. Today they phoned to say my blood was no use for testing and asked me to come back and try again. So back at the hospital they had to resort to using a needle, which I don't mind, but it seems they may need to reinsert the PICC line and sent me for an x-ray.

So how's it going?

Generally bearable, but worse each time. Partly, I think, it only feels worse because I'm getting bored and annoyed by it all. But some side-effects are worse — even after three weeks' break, my left thumb and forefinger are slightly numb and my left arm tingles and winces in sympathy with them. I am also still a bit generally tired.

Having written a detailed accound of my first fortnight of treatment, I switched to keeping only basic, abbreviated notes which I've done now for 14 weeks. There's definitely some sort of pattern to various  side-effects so it's been very helpful to know, for example, that 2-3 days after treatment I have trouble sleeping; and at 4-7 days, what's left of my bowels gets quite runny so I need some drugs, the rest of the time there's little point taking them, I've found.

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