Map Test

Embedded Google map… can it be easily resized?

Chemo Half Way

I'm supposed to have 12 doses of chemotherapy at two-week intervals. When I went for my 6th sitting my blood test results showed I wasn't well enough (although I felt fine and had cycled to hospital, three miles up hill) so they postponed it for a week. For my next session I got another extra week off because now everything is a week later it interfered with a planned weekend away.

I have to say it's really good to have a longer break because symptoms are definitely getting worse.

Mind Control

Is there a way to get several billion people to simultaneously decide to get up an hour early?

The Big C.

Image: 2018-04/img-20180323-203727-1.jpg

Your basic cancer is not so bad these days — it can be seen coming and chopped out. It's the Chemotherapy that's the real, tedious hassle.

A couple of people have suggested one ought to keep a journal of life under the regime of poison. I think the idea is partly for emotional debriefing, partly as a log to spot patterns of things that make it better or worse. So here's a start.

Predictive typing

I recently realised (after years!) that my phone not only suggests the next word but even the first word without me needing to prompt it by typing. So here are some almost randomly generated sentences.

Photo Test

Image: 2017-01/tmp-14122-mum-1943-172444818.jpg

How easy is it to add a photo from my phone?

How this site came about

This incarnation of is built using Bolt. Why and how did this happen?

This is one of those "notes to myself" pages which I hope may be useful to others.

Work Well With Others

Image: 2017-01/1484059019_fly02.png

A lesson to be learnt. This website gets replaced every couple of years as I'm experimenting. Usually, everything gets deleted, but this important page remains.