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I don't know what a "zump" is.

I came up with the word "zump" around the year 2000 as a deliberately meaningless but short word I could use for a domain name that doesn't stand for anything or imply anything. It has stood the test of 20 years meaninglessness so far.

Image: keyboard-old-technology-2318.jpg

Periodically I like to look up the word and find out what it might mean. zump paper plane

At one time zump.com was a Portuguese portal site so I thought it might be a Portuguese word; but maybe not. For a while I feared it had become a vaguely rude slang word. Now it seems there is a Swedish cosmetic company using the name.

My favourite result, and the one which has been around longest, is a paper plane. This web page has been sitting around, unchanged as far as I can tell, since at least 2001. Oh no! It's gone at last.

This site only exists for me to test web technologies and what I'm testing now is "Bolt" and "Caddy"

The old typewriter picture came with the default Bolt installation. I like it so it's still there. Perhaps someone will mistake it for a zump.